Should I tell him how I feel?

,so there is this guy that I really like since 2 years back. Yesterday we had a get together thingy with my friends so it's 3 girls including me and 3 boys including him. We all pretty much had fun. The guy that I like was like so sweet to me. Pretty much every outing we get and even in school he kind of treats me differently from other. So on that day we talked a lot and stuff. He carried me around while I'm pretending that he is a horse. hehe .

On that night,the 2 girls went home so it's just me and the 3 boys. While the 2 boys were asleep. Me and the guy I like aren't able to sleep. (we were on the same bed) So I hugged him and he said "wait lemme do something" and he put his arms straight and put my head on his arms. My free hand,he was holding it. It was kind of the best night! :D Should I tell him how I feel or not? I have no idea whether he likes me or not ... :( Cause I like him,a lot!


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  • Cute. I think it's pretty likely that he likes you, in some way at least. Just keep hanging out with him and you'll see :)

    You don't have to tell him your feelings. You'll realize pretty fast what he feels. Invite him to do stuff with you and some friends so you can get close to him and talk about stuff.

    • But yknow .. He is leaving back to his country on Wednesday.. And I'll be changing schools as well.. Dan,this is complicated. :((((

    • Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. There's not much you can do now. I wish you better luck in your future endeavors!

  • You should tell him how your feelings. He's quite into you.


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