Uh-oh, I met someone amazing!

I'm a girl and she is too. I have had a girlfriend before (she was amazing.) But this new girl is really amazing and she has me crazy about her. What should I do? I still love my ex girl friend and I wasn't looking for another one. I don't consider myself to be Bi or a lesbian.
We have been talking all day and she really is amazing. Though she is a drinker and gets around she is super sexy. and we have some nick names for each other
Now we have been talking every day. Also she has been telling me she loves me. I like her a lot but can't help but to wonder why she is the way that she is. There has to be something in her past, right? However she said she is falling for me and I feel the same. But I don't want to get too attached.
SOooooooooo. She is not who she said she was. I haven't confronted her about it yet but wow. I feel dumb.


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  • Go after this new girl :D


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  • Well.. that sounds amazing.


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