My ex wants to see me again. He was my first... What should I do?

My ex and I had a long distance relationship for six months. At first he started to talk that he will come and live here where I am, and after we had sex (I was a virgin) he changed his story telling me that he wants me to quit my job and go live there. I had to finnish my specialisation and I told him that. And he said- you can come, have a baby and then leave when you have job there. Not to mention that it would be impossible since I would have a job here every day and Id have to leave my baby in another country.

I told him that its not OK to change a story and we broke up. I have to mention that during our relationship I found out that he had double FB profile with many girlie friends.

Not he is coming back asking me if Id like to visit him, telling me that he will come visit my town and that he'd like to see me again. And still- he didn't change a thing, or even said something about that smt has changed. I really don't know what to do. On one side- I do care, on the other side, he tried to ruin my life once... I told him that Id quit what I have here with one guy if I was sure that a relationship with him would lead to something more and would last. But that I wouldn't leave this guy now for 10 days with him after which he'd break my heart all over again. And he didn't reply. what's should I do?


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  • To me, it sounds as if you have answered your own question. You broke it off, nothing changed, so the solution would be? It is highly possible that he is feeling lonely and he thinks he can exploit his "special place" as your first. Indeed, you mention this yourself.

    I presume you really do like him but I remind you that there are three BILLION of us. I may not be the smartest but remind me why you would take back someone that cheated on you and represents a problematic past...when you can find many hundreds of fantastic men in your neighborhood who would be happy to be with you?

    Best of luck,


    • Guess you have a point, but a year has passed and still no one special showed up. I kinda think maybe he was the best the life could offer. Maybe there's nothing better 4 me. guys just don't want family and serious relationships.

What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't get back with an ex, if it didn't work out before why would it work now?


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