She wants to take a break but we are still the same as before the break.

So my girlfriend or almost 3 years and myself have had a dramatic month that has caused lots of confusion. In the end she has asked that she wants to take a break. Well it has been a week now and we are on our break but she still comes over every day and we still say I lover you and such but she still is acting a bit different. She just doesn't seem as affectionate , but we still seem happy together. I am just so confused as to what could be going through her head right now and need someone else s opinion


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  • Don't stop seeing her. I'm not to sure about the I Love You thing. Ask her straight out why she broke up with you. Also why she still says she loves you. Does she say she loves you first? If you still love her don't let her go. Hold on tight to her and apologize for any wrong doing.


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  • maybe she doesn't know how to take a break


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  • Is she "hanging out" with anyone new? Less affection leads me to believe that


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