How do some people just cut someone off.. I struggle

Basically my ex can just stop txting once we decide look no more. Even though its said its hard to cut contact completly. Personally in my situation I know my ex has a few girls he texts so I'm sure he's distracted anyway but my god its hard to fight. Also 2nd question in your experience when you know an ex made a bad choice is ending the relationship.but is also stuborn to admit but gives hints. How long did you find it took for them to attempt to be apart of your life again even if not back together? Just curious is all :) thanks guys


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  • My ex still talked to me for a week after we broke up. Now we don't hardly ever talk because he is too busy on xbox. We still agreed to be friends but we don't have much of a friendship as such but we don't hate each other. Also he said he doesn't have feelings for me anymore but he would like my pictures and status I put up on FB. Anyway I guess it just depends on if he still has feelings or if he finds it too hard to talk to you because he might still be trying to get over you. Or the other thing could be he wants nothing to do with you. That's all I can think of.

    • We were in contact until I found out he was with another girl I told him to stop the contact with me abd have some respect for the new girl. He said they broke up but her friend told me different. MEN!

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  • In my opinion I wouldn't talk to an ex unless I have kids with him, I just fillmyself with other activities even if I don't have a prospect or soemthing

  • I didn't see the point of keeping in touch with an ex as it hurts to know that he's been talking to other girls or even seeing someone new. I wanted to move on so I simply cut him out just for my own good to heal myself and live my life without him.


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