I'm 19 and I'm moving out within the next month. How do I tell my parents?

I'm 19 and I am moving out within the next month, everything is set... only problem is... is that my parents don't know anything. They won't accept the fact that I'm leaving. I'm so excited to start a new life, but then again... I'm dreading the moment I leave my family. I'm gonna be 8 hours away from them in car. I wish I can tell them, but I know they will just get mad at me. They always say I'm not ready for the real world. So how can I tell my parents? Should I leave a letter? What if they try to stop me and follow me to the airport and make a scene? Please, serious answers only.


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  • Don't tell them, if you think they are going to react like that.

    Move, and then call them from your new place and tell them over the phone, but don't tell them where you are.

    Hang up as soon as they freak out, and call them the next day. Explain very simply that you don't have to listen to their bullsh*t anymore, and if they can't talk like rationale adults, you'll hang up.

    You need to train them to see you like an adult. And that means you NEVER lose your cool with them, but you hang up as soon as they start acting like d***s.

    It may take quite a while for you to train them.

    • Good idea, I'm just nervous that they will stalk me. You don't know my parents like I do. They are control FREAKS.

    • You should have a new phone number where you go, and don't tell them your new address.

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  • Where are you going that you ca't tell them? I would think that, although they'd miss you, they know you are 19 and the day is coming when you leave for work or school.

    Why wouldn't they be happy that you're taking this step?

    • Because they don't think I can't do it. I'm moving 8 hours away from them? Maybe that's why... I don't know why honestly. I wish I knew myself.

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    • My parents don't want to help me, they want to control me. I don't want their help.

    • Good luck; I hope once you're gone your parents will want to help you get oriented, all the same. Sometimes they only come around once they know you're serious about leaving!

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  • Just be honest, if you are shady about it then they will obviously think you aren't ready to live alone

  • I agree with anon-don't tell them if you know they'll react negatively.

    Good luck...

  • You have to tell them, they're going to notice, haha!

    You're an adult now, so that means having to act like one.

    Yes, they're still your parents but they do have to let you live your own life. They *should* be proud that your getting your own place and starting your own life. That's what parents are supposed to want for their children anyway. They're supposed to raise you to let you go. That's the idea.

    If you want them to respect you as an adult, you have to put your foot down and MAKE them see that you really are an adult and capable of having your own life. If you continue to cower to them, they'll never think of you as anything but a child.

    You don't have to turn it into a fight, don't act like a brat. Just say, "I've found a place in ______ and I'm going to ______." Let them know you have a plan, so that they can worry less. And it shows you've gotten things ready and you're prepared and being realistic.

    Best of luck!

    • There is no way I can tell them where I'm going, they will make me go back to the house. You don't know my parents like I do, they are very ignorant. They never respected me as a adult, I'm not going to try anymore. I just don't want them to stop me, I know they will try.

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    • You asked, "How do I tell my parents?"

      I don't understand why you asked that if you don't intend to tell them, but I digress...

      I stand by my answer and I wish you the best!

    • I want to tell them, but I can't. Thanks

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