TURN ON/PREGNANT: My boyfriend & I broke up a few days ago, but got back together after...

nonstop talking... & trying to work it out. Keep in mind that the breakup was his decision, but he was still trying to act like we were together... didn't want me to change my status to single... wanted me to wait for him to get his sh*t together & try again. I have been feeling pregnant & having all the major pregnancy symptoms & no period for the last month, but all the tests came up negative. So, I never said anything to him about it all. Yesterday I told him I was tired & wasn't sure why.. because it was so early. He replied with "maybe you're pregnant :)" I've heard that you can still be pregnant even if it's negative based on my symptoms... I've done research on women with the same problem.. They all ended up actually being pregnant. So finally I told him what was going on with me & he replied with "It's weird... but I kind of wish you were..." & we began to talk about why because I was curious... Then he started to tell me that it was turning him on thinking about it. My concern is that he will think I am unattractive once I get a belly. His ex-girlfriend got pregnant & miscarried & he told me it was the grossest thing he's ever seen. SOOOO, why would I be any different? I do believe that he loves me more than he's ever loved anyone. You can ask his family/friends.. anyone & they've all voluntarily & randomly told me they've never seen him so happy or more involved in a relationship than with me. I'm guessing this is a good thing that he wants me to be pregnant? We tried again last night just in case I was not & he told me that if I wasn't pregnant now that I was about to be. I'm trying to take this in a good light & assume my boyfriend is being cute & really wants to be with me... because he's talked about marriage with me & getting a place together & having a future with me many many times in the past. Of course I want all of that & I want to be the mother of his children & I would be happy to be that now... but, do any of you feel there might be a different reason he told him he wants me pregnant?
"her belly* was the grossest thing he's ever seen."


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  • oh sweet mary and joseph, make the madness stop

    • It's a lot I'm sorry. Lol, I swear to you that I'm not as crazy as I seem, but ever since I got with this guy it's been nothing but craziness.

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    • I am so f*cking happy for you I could cry. I'm glad that you're laughing it off and that dude is out of your life. What a mess he could have made.

      GaG advice for the win!

    • Haha yes! Lol! I'm more than excited. I have a new startttt! I know all the red flags now. :) I just hope he doesn't play her, but she'll figure it out! :)

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