Karma didn't kick in so I did :-/ goos or bad?

Ok so my ex treated me like sh*t (short version) he ended up with a tart who doesn't like me... for no reason... anyway roumer had it that she was seen with her ex 2 weeks ago.. decided 1stly id 4get about it but I'm a woman scorned he's left me seriously damaged. Mind games.. control... cheating.. you name it... anyway I had enough so I gotmy male friend to ring him up and say 'your girlfriend was seen wurh her ex 2 weeks ago, just giving you a heads up to keep your eyes and ears open mate' sorry but karmas a bitch and she wasn't coming... don't know if it was a good or bad thing to do. I Haven't heard from anuone yet anyway. My male friend don't know him so he can be traced back... but the thing is it could be just a roumer but its done now :-/ am I loosing the plot and being bitter and revengful. Or would you do the same... go easy on me I'm a good kind hearted person who got played and messed with and personally I'm still hurt.


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  • I dot see how its paback,the girl can deny it,and being that it came form someone he doesn't know he may suspect you as the culprit and consider you a loon..just forget about a**hole like that,i have met my share,who cares what they do anymore..and never take their behavior personal,they are damaged goods not u


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  • link I assume this is you. I will not be commenting. Only just posting this link as a warning to anyone who answers you.

    • Thank you. I am feeling a little bad now. Spur of the moment. I admit I'm spiteful. Wished I didn't now. What difference will it make none.. he won't change regardless. Oh god I'm going mad in the head. Its crazy how someone can push you :-( feel stupid now

    • Also no that wasn't me. But after reading it I regret it now

    • Good. Now feel free to talk some sense into the girl in the link. lol

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  • No, I always let karma do its job

  • goose

    • Goose?

    • I typed goos, but my phone autocorrected it to goose.

    • Oh my comp said goos instead off good

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