What if somebody you knew change after 7yrs?

Lets say you spend 4 years with somebody perfect for you, and you accept them with all their faults.They move, you never getting to tell them your feelings, and then 7yrs later you move and come across their number.You call them but they're different the physical evidence says they're it's them but your heart say otherwise. Its as if they lost their twinkle in their eye ,and they're different physical but also emotionally like their empty inside but are overall happy(and not faking it)but not about you. I am crazy and all my perfect memories of them lies my brain telling me and that it wasn't who he was but what I was looking for somebody else or did they really change?


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  • People grow up and move on with their lives. 7 years is a long time, especially if you're not even 18yo yet. Accept the change, be happy for the nice memories, and look for someone new who is more what you want.


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  • People change throughout different stages of you're life, due to life experiences. Infancy,childhood, pueberty/teenager, adulthood. Things happen to that person that will either bring them up or down, and it affects and influences them as a person.

    They probably have noticed you have changed also.


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  • You're confusing as hell

    • It's only confusing when you think of an under-18yo who must be talking about a relationship that started when she was 9 or 10 and ended when she was barely a teenager.

    • Lol I guess

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