Why is letting go of my first boyfriend so hard?

Its been a while since me and my ex broke up. I recently tried to get contact him with a sincere concern Facebook message and accidentally sent my ex a message with another guy friend name stating I was going to call him back. At that moment my ex blocked me after he saw the accidental message. I feel bad and at the same time I was like WTH. I never got an chance to send a sorry message or anything. I also feel my ex thinks he can be with me anytime in his life which somewhat hurts now that I think about it. I have to really let go of him and move on...Im crying now...advice


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  • I think you should just give it some time..maybe a few weeks...even a few months. but an ex is an ex for a reason and even though it's difficult now you will meet someone better, trust me and once you fully get over him you will wonder why you liked him in the first place-cry as much as you want to, let it all out...u gotta be strong girl ;) the world is so big and the one will come to you...trust me. don't stress.

    • Yeah, I woke up crying a bit. I have not woke up crying in a long time. I have to believe and focus on God has something better for me because this is so hard...smh

    • I understand. Yes, God has a bigger plan for you. Everything happens for a reason, go out tonight, tomorrow or sometime this weekend and get some fresh air-have a drink or two...but take care of yourself and pray. I feel like crying too because of what I'm going through...I know your pain

    • aawww girlie we will be fine!

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