What is the best way to get back at a terrible landlord?

My landlord is crap, when I first agreed to have the house to live in for my last year of university, he brought me to view the house. it was a dump but he was telling me it was going to get renovated and would be done by the time I coem to move in and also internet was included in the price.

i've lived in the place for the academic year now and he is requesting his rent. the reason why he was terrible is I moved in during September and the fridge and heating was broken, he given us a fridge only in January and I had to pay for the delivery because he ordered it without paying them (conveniently when there was a closing down sale). so it was costing a fortune not being able to keep any cold food. the only thing was... even though we didn't have a fridge, the house was so freaking cold you could see your breath because the heating was broken and he didn't fix it until the summer started. the toilet, shower, kitchen, basically everywhere is disgusting stained horribly.

we found a dead rat in the kitchen which we figured out was what was causing the smell, it was by the cupboard and obviously been there for a long time because it smelt and it was leaking there is also an ant infestation in certain parts of the house.

the thing is, this idiot give us the contract, he doesn't have any contract whatsoever howevever I owe him 400 but I am only going to pay him 100 in pennies (i've withdrawn from the bank in a suitcase full of it). I've sellotaped the rat to hang by the door and have spread honey all over the place so the ant issue is waaay worse.

any other ideas before I go because I want to go quick!


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  • I'd say you give him last chance to remedy the situation, before stooping to his level. Speak to the guy calmly and respectfully and let him know the living conditions are not anything near acceptable. Look up your local tenant/landlord laws, and see how things are handled legally about these types of things. Don't put yourself in a worse situation by encouraging a shady man to be even more crooked. Some people have no limits to how disgusting they can be. I think your goal is to protect yourself and be blameless, be reimbursed any monies paid because he didn't keep his side of the deal...and make sure this guy doesn't get away with this crap. Keep documentation of everything. Good luck. Sorry for your trouble.

    • i was going to move out anyway, I only stayed here because it was cheap and by university and it was the same story every time...

      he only came when he said, when he came to ask you to pay the money, when you asked hi mto fix something it was always (i'll sort it out this week). we phoned him non stop and he would even just turn his phone off.

      i've basically paid for most of the year already so its a bit late, I just want to make this place even worse for him, he doesn't have any of my details

    • A whole year? Wow! you're a patient man. Take him to court and sue him for the all your money back, plus emotional distress and the cost of relocating, and just everything. I don't know where you live but where I live you can sue someone for up to $10,000 and the process is fairly simple and no attorneys for either party. I understand you want to make the place worse for him...but you know it's not gonna even bug him. He's is going to rent it out again and the next tenant will suffer not him.

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  • i'd just get the hell out of the place , could be health issues and such there I wouldn't feel safe living in such a place , ever watched hoarders ? on TV they go through dumps like that and have discussed health issues associated with dirty houses before and its not a good situation to be living in

  • Report him to the authorities. The rest is just vandalism.


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