OK wtf is happening...? (girlfriend/ex problem)

OK, so I just want to know what is going on in my ex's head. She is always VERY emotional and makes quick and silly decisions which she goes back on.. but I don't know what's happening now.

To make it easy:

Dated on (with some bumps) for 1.5 years

Had a breakup in the summer, she found a boyfriend - I saw some girls

I told her to end it and come back and she did

Started coming back but she started getting scared and jealous

Big fights led to a breakup where she told ME to move on

I started seeing someone

she has seen 2 guys, with the latest being a guy who she was "best friends" with when we were together (no, they never saw each other trust me)

She told me to leave the girl I'm seeing but then ran off when I didn't move fast enough -- wanted a couple weeks to let it go

now says she is going to see this guy even though he is leaving for the military for 4 years...

says that I disgust her and doesn't care for me anymore

what do you think? My ex and I have always come back, but this time I don't know since I finally went and saw someone instead of her.
Found out: the guy my ex said she is with told me they aren't together and never will be.. so my ex is lying. . Why?


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  • if a girl cared about you,and you two broke up,she wouldn't be dating for a while...this girl probably just likes the way she feels around you and not actually you

    could she the controlling type where she wants you to drop everything your doing and pay attention to her...if she's not getting that attention then she'll move onto a different guy...

    she's playing games with you,and it's only going to get worst because she's probably not aware of what she's actually doing and she's not sure of her feelings

    however...u don't deserve this and I say you should move on,because she's just going to keep causing trouble left and right..be careful please


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What Girls Said 3

  • well you asked her to come back and she was obedient then she asks it too and you need time to soak up the other girl. maybe that's why she said you disgust her,

  • Is it the Pakistani girl again?

    Sorry, it just happens that your profile pic is quite unique. Couldn't help but to remember the old question.

    • Paki girl is my girlfriend yes haha

  • emotional and flaky (a cancerian?)

    a relationship of co - dependency.


What Guys Said 3

  • I think the real question is what do you want? If you want the ex, then try to work it out and the both of you commit to one another, or just call it quits. Why chase after someone who doesn't want to be caught?

  • Shes a nervous wreck, plain and simple lol.

    I mean what do you think of her at the moment? Add up all the things you have observed and whatever word you come up with, its mostly likely the best description of her emotions.

  • i think you should leave her and go for that Pakistani girl. Pakistani girls are really beautiful and trustworthy, and faithful.


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