Should I reconnect with my father after 5 years?

I haven't seen my father in 5 years. He hasn't tried to contact me until today. I got a phone call from him requesting that I meet him for lunch on Friday. I accepted, but I'm skeptical of his motive for meeting with me.

Here's some background info: My parents divorced 5 years ago, when I was 15. My mother divorced my father after discovering that my father had multiple affairs. The divorce was bad and my mother ended up with a large settlement. My father fell off the face of the earth. I received a card once a year for my birthday. That was it. He paid his child support and his alamony on time. It's like he thought his money would be an adequate substitute for him not being in my life.

I want to meet with him just to hear his bullsh*t explanation of why he forgot his only daughter for 5 years. Should I meet with him? Should I trust him if he apologizes profusely and wants back in my life?


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  • be the bigger person and just reconnect with him.

  • Similar to my parents' situtation. Just meet him and observe his reaction and judge it yourself from there.


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