Did I do the right thing?

Ok so myself and my ex broke up a few months back over and back arguing and making friends. He ended up with some1 shortly after we broke up which disgusted me. I was so mad. Anyway 3 months later ipull myself together and text him. Lifes too short I wish you happiness and hope all goes well in your life take care and leave the past where it is. Did I do the right thing? Of course I didn't get a reply because I only get a reply wen I'm angry with him or he's looking 4 attention. I felt to move on I have to let go and that means forgiving him in my heart but smart enough to remember in my head how he treated me. I wonder what he's thinking with that message?


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  • You did the right thing according to yourself.

    Would I have done that? No.

    Because it shows although three months have passed, a little part of me must still care for him. And even if that is true, do I want him to know that? No.

    This is a man that had little respect for me and mistreated me.

    Yes, he will read the message and see what you wrote. But

    There is always the bigger picture (your actions), and that is what he will read too.

    Continue to forgive, and continue to let go.

    Do not write him any more after this, and continue to put the pieces of your life back together.

    If he texts you , do not answer,

    It's not about carrying resentment, it's about knowing your worth and valuing yourself.

    You do not need to associate yourself with someone who doesn't value you at all.

    Answering your question again,

    Did you do the right thing?

    Well, it's not necessarily wrong.

    Take from this experience and gain knowledge out of it.

    It would only be a wrong action if you continue to contact him (because then,

    you are not respecting yourself and in future may continue down that cycle).

    Flocking behind someone that doesn't respect you.

    • Thank you

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    • I like your reply and your view on it and I appriciate it :) iv had no reply so I have my closure and hopefully he will think the anger and bitterness is gone from me. Life is too short I can't waste it wallowing on a waster like him so I want to be the bigger person. No reply so that's good if I ever hear from him (which I doubt) I most def won't reply. Thanks again

    • You're a smart young lady with a mature outlook. Glad I could advise. <3

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  • I think you did well. You made it clear that you don't hold a grudge against him (and even so, you pushed it aside) and you wished him well, you made it clear that you're moving on now so he doesn't have a chance with you anymore.

    He could be pissed off that you're moving on while he could've thought he could get you back and doesn't like the fact that you're moving on. But that's his problem.

    I thought you did well, chapter finished!

  • i think you did the right thing, what he did after you guys broke up shows how he is as a person.

    • Thank you I felt being the bigger person might help me to move on and I'm too old for bitterness and grudges. A little part of me would obviously like him to think.. sh*t she's moving on.. she's over me.. but men and their way of thinking.. I might never know. No reply so hopefully I have closure :)

    • you will, having no regrets about acting the wrong way will help you get closure

    • Now time to find myself a new man hahaha jokes.. fix myself focus on myself and my prince will come I'm sure :) thanks again

  • I think you needed to do that for you to have some type of closure.

    • Yes that's how I felt. Thanks :)

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