What does all this mean? Broke up, back talking & very confused.

Quick background… I have been separated from my soon-to-be ex-wife since the beginning of the year and our divorce should be final soon. So around the end of March I decided to hop on a dating site and I was talking to a few girls but one stood out the most to me. I decided to talk to her for a little and then we decided to meet. I had one of the best times of my life with her and she even said something similar. The next day we agreed to see each other more. We would see each other almost every other day and every other weekend. We did awesome things together and everything was great. So then May came and we went camping, had an awesome time. Then she was planning a trip to a family members house Mothers Day weekend and she said she would like if I could go with her. I told her that’ll be nice and the plan was to leave Saturday early morning when she got done work because I would drive. That all changed when she said she was going to leave after her work was done cause they gave her a half shift. I told her I couldn’t go until Sat morning like planned and just told her to go without me there will always be a next time. So that weekend she was very distant with talking and I sensed something was up and when I asked she would say its all fine. Needless to say she broke us off that weekend. I told her I still cared about her very much and that I respect her choice and left it at that. Well I let time pass; tried talking to other girls but none of them could hold a flame to her. I also noticed she would check out my profile. So I caved and sent her a message (end of May) on the dating site, saying how much I miss her; miss us and what we had. I got nothing… that is until Fathers Day, she sent a message back saying to text her. I did just that. Started with how are you, she asked about my divorce, I told her that I meant what I sent her… that I miss her so much. Then she came back and said she misses me too but she’s just trying to figure her life out. I told her that I respect that and that I am in town for another 1.5 years so when she figures herself out that if she wanted to give us another go I’m here. She said that anything can happen and to just look at what we had in just a month. So we’ve been talking since then and she just got accepted into this school so I offered to take her out to get a drink to celebrate but she declined that day. The very next day I had a text asking if I had my kids this weekend and I told her no that I was free. She then said that we should get that drink. I said yeah that would be great. And later that day she added me back to FB. What do I make of this? I am so confused. All I want is her back cause she makes me so happy. I want to say her family member talked to her about the situation with me and my divorce and that got her all confused that’s all I can think of cause she said some things to make me think this was real. Please help!


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  • Don't know how old are you, but she sounds a bit younger and rather independent. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Either way, think you already pretty much confessed you like her, so she's either really considering it like you said or she isn't that interested... True I wouldn't invite just any guy to visit my family on Mother's Day, but then I wouldn't break up with him because of him not being able to go (my fault anyway) or because of something someone might have said either...

    You can't do much right now except for waiting a bit though. And don't say you'll wait 1.5 years!

    • Wow... you aren't wrong at all. There is a 4 year gap between us. How did you gather that from what I told you? Needless to say we are meeting up this weekend and I have no clue how to act or what to say. I am more nervous this time then the first time we met. I was told by people to keep the break up out of the talk. What do you think?

    • Haha, I don't have a crystal ball or anything, just guessing =P

      I don't know the dynamics of your relationship, but you seem to be doing your thing if you're going out again.

      You already stated you'd be waiting for her to figure her life out, no need to bring that up again in the first opportunity, right? She broke up with you, she should be the one making amendments anyway, in my opinion. Don't be nervous, just enjoy your time together.

    • As a general rule, I would say keep showing interest, but don't make yourself too available, like you will go back together the second she says so. That's why you shouldn't bring it up now, you'd look too eager.

      You're getting out of a divorce which isn't finalized yet, you're a mature guy who can make his own decisions.

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  • Don't ever get back with an ex.


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