How do I rid myself of these feelings?

I've been best friends with this guy named Kazu for about three years now. We've gotten extremely close and I love him to death. But there's one problem... We both like each other, a lot. He has someone that he loves dearly already (an ex-girlfriend for the moment) and they're basically on a break from being in a relationship with each other because they can hardly see each other. Their plan is to get back together if they go to the same college... but from what he's told me, the chances of that aren't looking too good. But there's still a chance.. Not only that, but he's been messing around with two other girls that he cares for. He comes to me for advice about these things (if it's wrong to mess around with these two other girls while he's on break) and asks me what he should do, but it's like... Every time he tells me about stuff he's done with other girls, I get very jealous. I don't want to feel jealousy nor do I want to base the advice I give him off of the jealousy/anger that I feel. How do I rid myself of these feelings? And if things do work out between him and his ex, how can I stop myself from liking him?


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  • If you have a chance with him you should go for it, if you don't you should probably start looking into other guys, and as you start liking them, Kazu will end up as a really good friend, and you would get rid of the jealousy and other bad feelings you currently have about it.

  • To get rid of those feelings, you need to stay away from those people for a while and come back fresh


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