Is there any better way to deal with questions not getting answers

I empathise with people who post questions on gag but never get an answer. I know there is already an option with the unanswered tab but does anybody really use it or go past page 3/4 of recent questions.

Maybe as questions are answered they should be moved down a priority list or when best answer is awarded moved to an archive. I know some might say moving questions prevents people from sourcing any info that might help them but do people really look up questions similar to their own before posting.

Any ideas


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  • It largely depends on the kind of questions you ask. Most of my questions get 10 answers at minimum, but that's because the questions I ask are rarely about me, and are about topics that everyone can voice their opinion on. Plus, I try to make them somewhat interesting so people feel like its worth their time to answer. The reason why I only post in the "other" section is because most days, I really can't be bothered to look over paragraphs of peoples boyfriend/girlfriend problems. Soo much is going on in the world today (its more than exciting sometimes) and I just feel like those kind of questions completely ignore a world of much more important things. So, if someone posted questions looking for advice on something in their life, try to phrase it in a way that is inviting to everyone to answer, and not just to people interested in reading your personal story. If you ask broader kinds of questions out of curiosity to see people's responses, well, I would try to find stories that beckon an emotional response.

    Last bit of advice to people. Don't disable the anonymous button. Sometimes it does make sense to do so (like political discussions), but you'll get more people responding to the questions you post if you leave that option for people. Yeah, sometimes the anon answers suck, but not always.

    • But isn't the whole point of this site to assist in mostly relationship questions. Fluffy questions are what I ask, if I ask any questions anymore but there are some people looking for genuine advice. And a lot of "world" questions are simply asked to antagonise nothing more.

    • i don't really see how world questions are asked to antagonize. They are usually asked to inform. The main reason why a lot of these relationship questions don't get answered is because people have seen them all before and it gets kinda boring to read. makato's article goes over this well. I may just start referring certain people to it


    • Some are asked looking for information or a viewpoint others are asked where the qa already has an opinion formed and don't want answers that disagree. I completely agree that many relationship etc questions have been asked many, many times previously but everyone thinks their situation is different. I have to admit I rarely read any of the articles on here, none really interest me.

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  • I actually frequent the unanswered questions and just go down the list answering them. Usually there's a reason they are unanswered (wall of text, overly long explanation, very specific (boring) situations), but I know it sucks to want help and not get any so I try to. I think the system is fine as is...if people want help, they just need to be smart about how they ask to attract people to their question.

    • True, I try to do the same but some questions are as you mentioned or I simply have no input. Thanks for answering:-)

    • welcome ^^

  • I never go to "unanswered questions" If I don't have good advice I don't answer. I also don't go past pages 3/4.

    They could keep the unanswered on page 1.

    I don't like it if a question has been asked & 20 minutes later there's already best answer. I think (much like yahoo answers) there should be a time frame before you are allowed to select best answer. Then move that question to a completed area.

  • I check the unanswered questions occasionally and read all that I haven't read before. I don't attempt to answer most because I don't have the answer they're looking for. I think everyone deserves an answer but I'm not qualified to give an answer to everyone. It would help if question askers gave feedback of any kind. I almost never hear back when I give answers to older questions. They may have given up or dropped off the site for all I know.

    What I would recommend for those who don't get an answer is to try to reword it as clearly as possible as a new question. Well constructed questions get much more feedback than mere descriptions of events without any clear idea of why the person is relating it.

    • Yeah its I don't answer some for the same reason and it is annoying when you answer a question, a serious one and the asker don't acknowledge. As for the rewording I have seen some but isn't that just clogging up the site maybe.

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    • I agree about the similar questions even when posting a question those listed with a supposed similar subject are never even closely related.

      Thank you I don't like when people never interact with people who take time to answer their question

    • I feel the same way and make an effort to respond as best I can. Then again, I don't ask many questions.

  • There's no better way. Being moved to the unsanswered category is the best way already


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  • Make profile public,have a crazy profile pic or username


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