Is it wrong to flirt with exes and get their phone numbers when you are in a relationship?

i recently went on my partners Facebook, I was sure he seemed to be constantly on the phone but taking the calls where I couldn't hear them. In his messages I found at least 4 females he had added and then immediately asked for their numbers. One of the conversations stood out more then the others he was telling her how much he cared and missed her, but that he new she was "to good for him" she is now married but he never mentioned he had a girlfriend until he realized I had read the messages then he told her his girlfriend had been in his messages and chucked a wobbly etc it was like a staged conversation I was angry because I never chucked a wobbly I calmly told him if he felt that way about another woman go be with her.

now he says he is sorry, that he only wants me I no they spent an hour on the phone and he lied and said he was talking to his kids, he would message her as soon as he gets out of bed and every night before he goes to bed.

the messages in themselves had no sexual content but was more undying love and how they both wish things had been different, that they could have been together etc.

am I wrong to be hurt and why after all this time would they want each other ? when I said I was hurt he said I was a freak they had done nothing wrong and he would keep talking to her. now he's sorry wants to talk says he will delete Facebook but of course he has her number I also found a message between him and a more current ex where although he says he is with me he says not a day goes by he doesn't wish it was her and they could have made it work she tells him straight up to think of me and end of conversation I just don't get how he can say he loves me and expects me to believe him. for me the worst ids I've been hurt so bad in the past I don't let people in easy and now I remember why :(


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  • Not wrong to do but wrong to lead on


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