Advice on relationship progress?

So me (male) and one of my best friends (female) have been seeing each other for probably like 2 months now and we both know how we feel about each other and have tons of fun together. The problem is that we are both pretty shy (especially me) and I don't know how to progress the relationship to more. I know she wants to (eventually at least) because she says "we're getting there" and talks about our future. Lately she has been touching a lot, not really sexually but she messes around bumping into me, rubbing my shoulder, and hugging me and stuff like that and I mess back. We are all flirty texting are both too shy to be like that in person. For example we said we were gonna cuddle and watch some Doctor Who together texting but when we did it she was in the corner and couldn't really cuddle up without being all weird and forceful. I don't know just please give some advice on what I should do?


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  • Just try touching her more, once you get used to it step it up a notch, there is no way to suddenly be comfortable around each other, you have to make it a process, but I do think you are on the right track


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