Ever think no one will love you like an ex??

My ex pursued me very hard and cared about me a lot. Then he got scared after a year into the relationship. He couldn't make such a commitment at such a young age as this was his first relationship ever. I understand that.

Ever since the breakup though, I've only met guys who want to sleep with me. No one whose actually was a real friend, and actually had a crush on me. Most of these new guys I meet seem bored when I talk...I feel old, at 27, and boring! I never used to feel this way.

Nowadays I think the last person who genuinely liked me, I.e.: my ex, will be the only guy ever genuinely interested in me. No one else will actually love me again. Makes me very sad! Anyone else feel this way?


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  • i think its normal to feel like that. I even feel like sometimes I'll never find any one I liked as much him either.


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  • Well if you're only meeting guys in clubs, then yeah, most only want to have sex. Start meeting guys elsewhere and creating some sort of a connection. But know that as men age, they've mostly all been hurt by that one girl that they had a crush on. So they learned to not be that guy again. The side effects of being friend zoned...


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  • Yes, I feel this way. He was my everything and then he left. He was the only one that listened to what I said, the only one that was actually intrested, and now he is gone.

    Every other guy I hangout with does't really care about me they just want have sex with me and I have had enough, I just really want my ex back, like please.

  • I used to feel the same way like you do now... And it took me quite a number of failed dates only to realize that these guys I'm dating only wanted sex and nvr were serious. Nothing last more than a month. I was depressed, devastated, as I'm really trying hard to find for a new relationship a stable one indeed. I'm 29, divorced with a 5 years old daughter, imagine how is my feeling. Everytime my date failed, I will started to think OMG don't tell me that my ex is the only one who will ever really love me? But, recently I met a guy, who's way better looking than my ex and some of my ex bfs, he's way caring, the touchy feely kind of guy, which I nvr encountered before. I was scared that he too are not being serious, but so far, he seems genuine. I'm really happy now with my current relationship, nvr felt happier than this, and yes he can accept my daughter too. So I guess all you can do is to just keep trying, never give up, because that right guy is out there for you to find him. Go get him girl... :) Good luck!

    • Thanks for tour kind and encouraging words. My ex, when he asked me out, we were best friends and he had a crush on every single thing about me. He noticed little things like the bump on my tummy and my upper lip sticking out little etc..and he loved those little things about me. Ever since we broke up, no one has, and I feel prob never will, give me that kind of attention again. I get much less attention now from boys than when I was younger (maybe because I look sad and bored in the clubs)..

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    • Sorry...I didn't mean to down vote...I was using my phone, and clicked the wrong thing since the buttons were small and very near each other. I tried unclicking it, but it doesn't let me do that. I'm def not being sarcastic. Thanks sincerely.

    • oh OK then no worries... But yeah it will all passed, it will take time, maybe you will encounter few more heartbreaking situation, but trust me you will find that guy one day, just how long it will be differs from people to people :) I had a friend who's 30 and still not married and she doesn't even have one guy who wants to declare her as a girlfriend (they treat her like booty call) while at the same time, I already broke up with 3-4 guys around the same interval

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