I really want my ex girlfriend back please help?

We went out in freshman year for three months until I cheated on her. My fault and a douche move I know. I loved her throughout all my relationships. I moved to LA after 2 months in our relationship she took it hard but had to live with it. My dad got a better paying job. My family absolutely fell in love with her. She'd always bake sweets as treats for my two younger brothers and help babysit them. My parents thought she was a stunning girl and very beautiful. She got a long quick with my mom and my dad was charmed by her looks. They felt sad when we had to move and when they heard I was dating someone else. They hated my girlfriend after her. They thought she wore too much makeup, was stuck-up, and she hated children. The only reason why I decided to leave her was because the move was going to be hard if we decided to keep it long term I was four hours away. It would be easier if we picked up on this when we were off to college. I know the girl I was with went to the same school as her and I know it hurt her every time she saw me visit my girlfriend at school every time I could (like 3 times a year). I told my ex I would always love her and we'd be together after high school. I told her to wait for me, reserve a spot in her life for me and especially DO NOT move to New York. I saw her got hurt by three guys after our relationship. The day I could first drive I made a trip just to see her. I showed up at her doorstep and just kissed her which confused her. Towards the very end of sophomore year she was with another guy. This time they are still together. I want her back, I broke up with my girlfriend for her. I never wanted my girlfriend anyways she was terrible. She was only with me because I was a football player. We're going to college soon and I want to pursue her. How do I get her to get rid of her boyfriend? I found out about this through face book and my friends. She's my dream girl short, a smoking body, long hair, big brown eyes, and her personality is amazing. I love her I really do. How can I get rid of her rebound?!


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  • All you can do is do you! improve yourself so that when they do break up she is impressed by you.
    You do NOT want to take any part in her breakup with this guy.
    a) makes you look desperate and annoying, if you make them break up its very unlikely she will go out with you after
    b) if she does go out with you - when you guys disagree etc she will resent you

    110% nothing is more attractive to a girl than when there ex is doing well and is not hung up on her. Its nice for us to feel there might be a chance but I once had an ex (3 years ago) tell me he'd always love me and any time I wanted him back to call him - its 3 years later we talk every few months but I'd never get back with him because its too easy!

    Also never assume that a girls feelings aren't genuine - she may like some guys more than others but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about this guy. Another point when they do break up - don't ever bad mouth her ex... if she bad mouths him to you (alot) then you are the new rebound


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  • Maybe it's not a rebound and she does actually like her current boyfriend and I think it's a little too much to ask of her to wait for you when anything could happen any time it is too uncertain and I too like a guy who lives further away but this situation creates too many doubts in the relationship and I told him we just can't happen but would remain friends, I would still very much like to be with him but I have accepted that the situation of distance is too difficult and that we should move onto other people and I feel this is what you should do too, I know you love her but you moved away and the reason she is confused when you kissed her is because I don't think she knows what you really want her to do but if there is no signs of you moving back near her how can you expect her to wait for you? you might not even go to the same college as well.

    • We are both attending colleges in the near L.A that vicinity.

    • Then after you have finished you have to leave each other again it's not fair on her at all, I think it's better if you leave her be and focus on college right now because even if you find another girl your going to be going back and forward to college and then go back to where you live again, long distance hasn't proven that easy ether and due to how hard it is right now with money and jobs being hard to get it's for sure the best decision to hold up on girls for a while.

  • stop being in denial and move on.


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  • Who says it's her rebound? she's already had other guys, right? Stop being selfish and let her be. You f***ed up, live with the consequences and move on. There are other girls with the same characteristics. Find them.


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