How long did it take you to get over an ex?

My longest relatoonship I left him because I was unhappy so I fell out of love with him. It took me maybe 2 months 2nd relarionship was only 4 months but took about 2/3 months again. 3rd was 4 months but I'm still struggling to get over him 2 months later and it was the unhealthiest relationship of them all. Strange!
1st relationship was 7 years and the easiest to leave :/


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  • a "relationship" that lasted a month its been a year a month and 3 days since he actually talked to me. (voice wise) and I'm still not over him.

    Another guy I thought I liked him so much we wee together a year and a half (not in a relationship according to him) he stopped talking to me& I forgot about him in 3 months forgot he existed. then after 5 months he called me out of the blue said he missed me I was like who is this he said his first & last name wish isn't common had no idea who it was then my mind went on a jog and I knew who it was I went back with him and that lasted like 8 months. Then he left again and my mind was jumbled. But Now I just don't like him the thought of him makes me want to throw up. Like the most disgusting person I ever laid eyes on. I changed my number so I'll never get a random call from him again.

    and My ex boyfriend that I dated for a year I was over him in 2 months when we first started dating. I just didn't want to hurt him (first bf) .

    So It all depends. on the guy and you


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  • depends how fast I can get someone else to replace them...not trying to sound like an ass but it's the truth. Once you get someone else in your life, the ex just seems to get lost in memories as you get the new relationship butterflies with this new person.

    • And does the ex not come to mind when or if the new relationship fails?

    • they never really "leave". I still about them from time to time, but not in a "man I wish I was back with them" sort of way. They're my exes for a reason, I just take it as a learning experience and move on to the next with this new learned experience.

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  • The previous one was 6 months.

    • What dis you do ro hwlp yourself get over him

    • At the beginning, I completely cut all ties with him even though it really killed me inside. I stay focus on bettering myself, getting back on my feet and living my life without him. I focus on my jobs, work out, go out with friends, listen to music, anything that distract me from dwelling on my past and I got rid of everything that reminds me of him. It was a really tough 6 months but it's worth it cos I've realized I'm much happier and better off without him. Hope this helps.

    • It does thank you

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