Ex wants to get back together...how do I go about bringing up the reason for the breakup?

we got back together a few days ago so now we're being super nice to each other and he has even went as far as saying he's sorry. However, I really want to talk about the actual REASON we broke up in the first place because I just know the same issue will come up again. I just don't know how and when to bring it up. How can I go about this? I don't want to be the argumentative girl anymore. Our time apart has helped me realize what I've done wrong but I need to see if HE has change too. How do I bring up the reason for the breakup so we can talk things through and move on?


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  • I think tha tif he said sorry then he will just think you want drama by bringing it up. but if you do want to tlak then just tell him that you need to get something out of your chest but aren't looking to fight over it again.

  • DOn't even bother. Just tell him you don't feel that way anymore.


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