Relationship with a shy guy: would you already call it dating? when to expect the first kiss?


I need an advise.

I am seeing a shy guy and try to figure out what to expect from the whole relationship.

We know each other for 2,5 months, have met on one sport event, after which went out for some drinks with other guys.

After this I found him on FB and we started exchanging messages quite intensively.

After a week or so, we went to the concert and to the workshop together (his idea). As a matter of fact, he had invited more people to these events, but no one besides me came, it was not meant to be date, just going out together as friends.

Afterwards we met to celebrate his birthday (just 2 of us, and it meant to be like this). I think that was the moment when both of us have realized that we actually feel good together.

We are seeing each other for around 6 weeks, usually 2-3 times per week (most of the time bars/cinema/walks, few times meeting other people).

On those days when we don't meet, we chat on FB. Sometimes even few hours per day.

I feel that he is getting more and more comfortable with me and I already know more things about him than some of his friends (he said it himself).I am honest and direct person, who usually takes an initiative and asks/says things. I try not to be pushy and be patient with him, but I can't understand my status and how he sees our relationship.

Do you think the shy guy would already call it dating? or are we still in friends zone?

if so, when should I expect to get first kiss?

I am quite conservative and wouldn't make the first step in this area.

I am moving abroad in 8 weeks (he knows about it) which makes things more complicated and I wonder how much time I should give him to show his feelings/to move.

So far I have received few small presents from him, he is interested in my country (I am a foreigner but speak his language), he watched my favorite films. Always asks what I want to do (my preferences are more important to him). Sometimes ready to do some things that I know he hates (for example dancing). Haven't introduced me to his friends yet. Have already made some plans for the future ( a weekend together, some other activities). He has already checked job possibilities in the country that soon will become my new home (we haven't talked about it, he just mentioned it).

No hugs/kisses/holding hand so far. Sometimes he steps back a little bit when I come too close.

I am really lost. How would you call our relationship? and what should I expect and when?


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  • It sounds like you are "dating". Take you're time or you might scare him off. Once you have been dating for 4 months, you can ask him where he sees this relationship going. You don't want to wait forever if he is not on the same page as you are.


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