Taken for granted - what can I do?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months.

Details: We have been close friends for 5 years, he has never been in a relationship before (we are both 21)... he chased me and asked me out.

So 6 weeks into the relationship (things were amazing I really had high hopes for us, so so good being friends first) and then he broke his leg playing rugby and became depressed.

He is back to his old self still on crutches (can't drive) but things just are NOT the same I feel very taken for granted and he stopped putting in the effort that he use to. I told him this last night and we talking about it and he said that his been a bit withdrawn from all his family and friends at the moment and sometimes he does question if he wants to be in a relationship... although he said he still wants to be with me.

My question is.. where do we go from here? I figured I'd pull back from putting in effort for a little while and see what he does... but what if he doesn't ask to do anything? (please bare in mind we were close friends first so I have to be careful how I do things & I do still want to be together)


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  • just because you guys are in a relationship doesn't mean you have to be with each other 24/7. If he wants time to be with his family and friends, let him have his time with them.


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  • You're experiencing partner-depression first hand and you're already on the ropes huh? Just quit. There's no point to either of you sticking through this; it's too bad he broke his leg. You had such high hopes when he had two!

    • By the way the probably is telling the truth; he probably would have withdrawn from you even if you stayed friends instead of actually changed relationship status, and you'd feel the same way, or at least you would have if you were that close, or whatever.

    • You have a great point in your comment, thankyou! ha ha and I re-read it and it did sound bad but basically I love him for who he is but when his lost all independence and can't play rugby etc etc he is a totally different person and that's when we clash!

    • What person isn't difficult with a broken anything? He's not a grizzled veteran.

  • if you're taken for granted then you know that you should walk away from him now

    • Yeah broke up with him last week - I think it was a good reality check for him.. we won't be getting back together unless there is a drastic improvement on his part - thanks for your advice makes me feel better about my decision!

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