Girlfriend left need advice?

Ill try to make it short. Met a girl on a dating website. Went out and started dating. We were only together for about a month and a half. It was a good relationship. Well she left me because she realized she still had strong feelings for her ex. She told me a lot about him... he was a real piece. Well she said she can't be in a relationship while she still has feeling for him and just wants to be single. She said she loves me but isn't in love with me and wants to be friends.She also said that we moved way to fast. Well my problem with that is me and her were intimate and that's a line you can't come back from. She said she does have feelings for me but doesn't want to be with me. She said I should just move on. Well we been kind of talking and I asked her if she didn't mind me dating... she said "Do whatever the f*** you want!" she doesn't want to be with me and but is jealous? And then I told her I missed her and she sent me a pic of me and her daughter all randomly. (She just turned two). I forgot to mention her ex left her in December and its been seven months since then. They were together for 6 years. I just don't know how to handle all this?


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  • move on your going to get caught in a storm of back and forth

  • After 1.5 months she tells you she loves you? Well, to each their own I guess. But I do have to say that "It was a good relationship" is a bit strange because 1. after 1.5 months all relationships are "good", the problems and difficult times occur later 2. she isn't in love with you.

    You should do what she says. Move on. Maybe there is a future for you two, but if you keep chasing her and hanging onto what's gone you'll not be very interesting to her. But don't try to make her jealous, because I strongly assume that was your intention by asking her if you can date others. Why would you ask that? Of course you can, and you know it. She dumped you!

    As for the seven months. They've been together for six years, have a kid together, it's most likely going to take her much longer than seven months to be ready for a relationship.


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