Is this a sign she didn't care?

I spent a month working with this girl. Physically, I'm not sure if I was attracted to her. She was a bit larger than me, but had a very cute face. Anyway, we began to click, personality-wise, and this progressed to flirting, where I'd tickle her, etc. We even hung out once.

However, we were only working together for a month, then I left. She never said bye to me. Not even a text. A couple weeks later, I texted her something fun/funny that fit our personalities, but her response was lukewarm. I replied to that, something flirty, and didn't get one back.

Now, there is indeed a wrench in all this: she has a boyfriend. So obviously I was probably more into it than she was, despite myself. But I honestly haven't met a cooler girl than her.

The non-reply to the text has left a bad taste in my mouth. Did she really not care?


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  • You have to TELL HER you are intrested.. Then you will both know where you stand! She might like you but like my mother says one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush lol

    You have left the job right? So what do you have to lose?

    Do you really want to think what if? For the rest of your life?

    Man up and tell her..she will either say no I'm not intrested ..down side no more wondering ..which is actually and upside..

    The upside being you find your soul mate, get married and have a family :) please tell me how this goes? I have a friend in a similar situation but.. She actually still works with the guy which makes it more difficult Good Luck! :D


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