Is this a rebound...What is this...Life?!

Ex-fiance dumped me after a falling out. We were together four years and three months.

Now here I am, at least 7 months later and she's in the arms of a new man. Okay.

This new man is a mutual male friend of ours (we have a small social circle) and before she ended the engagement they never spoke to each other. They live in the same part of town so they'd share the car journey to and from the pub when we would hang out as a group.

Literally, he was THE FIRST SINGLE person that she spoke to. Before they got together she was touching upon 'being lonely' and was constantly hanging on to our relationship (refering back to it, embarassing me, using pet names).

*** this girl attempted to give my engagement ring back IN FRONT OF OUR friends which I just was like "I'm done" and left without causing a fuss.

Like, when I first confirmed they were more than just friends I didn't freak out, I didn't get angry, I just played it cool.

Me and my ex-fiance haven't spoken in over a month. There's more to this, deeper down I can feel it. They aren't 'Facebook official' yet, why wait? She wants to be with him so why not pull out the stops?

At one point on a night out she had got hold of my phone across the table and started going through my text messages... that's not normal ex-fiance behavior right?

When we were together she was constantly adamant that I would sleep around and fancied one of our female friends to which I was absolutley against.

The reasons behind me and my ex-fiance meeting was funnily enough very similar... my ex-girlfriend at the time left me for another friend of mine and my ex-fiance came to my side and helped me through and we fell deeply in love and couldn't get enough of each other.

Here she is now doing the exact same thing with another friend.

I'm done. Checked out. Gone. Over the hill. No more.

Any advice for dealing with these children?!

All my mutual friends don't have a problem with them dating even though two years ago the friendship group took a major blow when two couples broke up and sides were taken.

And when it comes to two people engaged to be married it's not a big deal that the ex-fiance can start dating the first man who is there in her life.



Most Helpful Girl

  • why do you calll them children?. I think she gave you the ring in front of everybody so you couldn't start a fight, that's reasonable. If she didn't like you and went to a friend is not something for you to get mad about, if the social circle is small it was bound to happen. I agree that checking your phone is not normal, you should have called her on that. but other than that you shouldn't get mad for them finding other people, you still have feelings for her but she didn't and she moved on


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  • they are not children! they just did what they wanted, she acted decently in my opinion, you just can't accept she didn't want to be with you anymore, you did the same thing and it is only OK when you do it not when she does it

  • you are the child not them, just try to accept it and keep calm


What Guys Said 2

  • You should see this as an opportunity to find another girl in your life

  • Sounds like you're doing everything just fine - letting them do their own thing.

    But don't take that sh*t where she checks your phone. If she tries that again, smack her one. (you can smack her on the hands until she drops it)

    And then tell her straight up, she doesn't have those rights and privileges anymore.

    If she wants to exercise her insecurities, take them out for a spin on the new guys phone.


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