How to deal with a break-up?

My ex and I were together for a year in a good relationship. He broke up with me saying that, although he loved me, he didn't feel love is reciprocated in the same way. We agreed to stay good friends, but went NC because it was too difficult. It's been almost 2 months since our break-up and it's been so hard getting over him! My brain tells me that it wasn't meant to be and that this is for the best. I'm still a self-confident person as I always was, I just find it so hard to let it go! I constantly miss everything about him. The thing I hate most is that he was SO wonderful to me, a perfect boyfriend, and he gave up so easily. The feeling of rejection is terrible! Tell me, how do you let go? Also, do you think I should block him on Facebook?


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  • You should just see this as a opportunity to find a new guy. You should just block him from the Facebook.


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  • I broke up with my ex about a month ago. I got over him pretty fast, I think, even though I really loved him. I think the factors that helped me get over him were my interacting with the people I love and care about in my life. I told them about the breakup and why we broke up. I told them all the rational reasons for the breakup and, in my mind, I focused on the negative things about my ex. Like how he's not motivated to get a job, how he's lazy and isn't too smart, and wouldn't really make a good partner, etc. Basically, I focused on the positive side of the breakup. I wouldn't have to deal with the negative stuff my ex has.

    Basically, just think about how much better off you feel now that you're unattached.


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