My ex and I made plans and he's not getting back to me?

We saw each other Thursday and he was completely sweet and into me and promised we'd hang out Tuesday. I texted him saying "Hey. I haven't heard from you so are we still hanging out tomorrow?"

That was 2 hours ago and he hasn't answered, nor am I confident he will cause I'm sure he would have by now. WHat do I do? Just let it go despite how he told me we were dating agian on Thursday? Should I call him tomorrow morning if he doesn't get back to me and ask him what's going on with him? What should I do?

The last impression he left me with was that we were together again (he said it himself), he really likes me, and he was EXTREMEY affectionate with me. He also told me yes, we will hang out Tuesday, but now he's not getting back to me so what should I do ?


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  • That was 2 hours ago lol! People get caught up with stuff, don't want to text and drive, get violent diarrhea, etc. be patient.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he thought about it and decided that getting back together was a bad idea and thinks that ignoring the issue will make it go away so he doesn't have to tell you to your face.


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