Weird behaivor and meaningless explanations...

My ex girlfriend wanted to tell me about her trip to Mexico with her previous bf,before me.They were and they are still in contact cause they have a kid together,i don't mind that and I never had problem,the kid need his biological father after all.I don't really understand thou why she wanted so badly to explain to me that nothing happened between them the 10 days of the trip and that she made it clear that they won't get back together,especially when I stopped her from telling me more about it quite a few times.We are still in contact but not regular,we just keep an eye on each other.Keep in mind that we broke up almost 4 years ago.
  • Random fact
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  • She wanted to make it clear cause she still care about u/have feelings for u
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  • Trying to give me a hint
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Thanks everyone for your answers!She hasn't been in a relationship the last four years after we broke up,just sex.And she is pretty pissed when she see me hang around with other girls.Even thou she don't have me in fb(she deleted me) she keeps my friends and my sister,which she isn't talking too


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  • B, she cares that much as to talk to you and give an explanation. just tell her you don't want to talk to her anymore.


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  • If it's been 4 years, A girl does not randomly give information to her ex. She wants something from you. Just tell her straight up "I don't give a damn."

  • because she may still have feelings towards you


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  • i don't think it's a random fact ... if it was, she wouldn't be so determined to tell you

    i think she still cares about what you think of her and probably tries to give you a hint

  • Maybe she's just trying to let you know she's available.


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