Ex suddenly back in touch after months but he's got a girlfriend?

I posted a thread a few days ago about my ex inviting me to an event but quite a lot has happened since then...

It had been 8/9 months since we were last in contact, but the last week he reappeared unexpectedly. He's been doing things from texting me general chit chat to inviting me to an event and following me on Instagram and liking photos of me. I was quite unresponsive of all these attempts but then last night he sent me a massive long text apologising for everything that led to our break up. He also said he and his mates missed me very much and his mom kept asking about me. And he invited me out to drinks with him and his mates and said his best mate would like me to meet his new girlfriend as he thinks I'd get on with her...

Thing is, I know my ex has a new girlfriend himself as I've got friends who live in the same town as him who have told me. I've also seen it for myself when I clicked on his Instagram for the first time yesterday. In the long text he sent me, he didn't mention his girlfriend once, yet he mentions his best mates girlfriend... I find that very odd considering he has asked me to meet up with him and his mates (I don't plan on doing that by the way) and I'm guessing she would probably be there. What is he playing at?


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  • I think that even after all that he's still not being honest you will just be wasting your time. He might not want to go back and just be friends but either way he's not telling you everything.


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  • I would stay away from him, it seems he wants attention from you and his girlfriend and it could turn out messy.

  • maybe he is just trying to be friends again? if I were you I would just cut him off, those situations are too weird for me


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