Why can't guys get over their ex girlfriend ? why are they ruining their potential life partners in life ?

i understand they had a wonderful time together. three to five years have passed. and still my guy friend hasn't gotten over his ex... moreover he doesn't want any relationship in his life... I go completely mad when he begins talking about her not taking any interest that there are other girls like me who would love and connect with them well.

rather he would keep telling me we are very different from each other and we aren't perfect for each other... I really tried my best to give it a shot ... but I failed at it... and he would never make a single effort to connect with him regardless of the fact he is attracted to me.


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  • Because when men love it goes deep and its for life. Though the question you should be asking is... Why am I obsessing over someone's leftovers, when I can find someone to love me the way I want to be loved? If you think that that is highly unlikely, then you have the answer as to why you are still obsessing about a man who doesn't love you.

    • this is a wonderful answer ! but we all really do wanna know why we all end up thinking about the past and never let go ... once we get the answer , everything will be fine not just for me but also for those who have ex's in their life.

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  • sounds to me that you are actually more mad that he won't look at you as a potential partner. try not to be mad at him, or take it personally. just understand that he's hung up on his ex and really that's more of a sad thing for him since like you said he's missing out on other opportunities

  • "Getting over an ex" takes many different angles to successfully "get over."

    A person could romantically be over their ex, but still holding onto other things like resentment and such. My last Girlfriend never got over her exes. She would say she did but people think that if they no longer want to be with an ex, that they are over them. Thing is, she wasn't over all the issues they had. I heard about the same situations daily and almost every situation got compared to an ex-boyfriend situation. So many girls do get hung up on exes too.

    I typically think that people who don't socialize enough tend to hang onto situations mentally and never let go. This doesn't only apply to exes but everything, especially conflict, and they'll repeat the situations in their head never letting go.

  • Honestly, I'm not sure how girls deal with breakups but I can say guys really take it bad. Especially if they were with their spouce for many years. Years ago, my late grandmother passed on 3 months after being diagnosed with cancer. My grandpa wasn't the same since and his health began to fail, 8 months after grandma passed, my grandpa went. He died of a broken heart. They were married for over 50 years.

    Please, out of respect, be understanding to this guy. I guess go meet other guys who wants the same as you. Don't focus on just one

    • I understand everything that you have written. And I do respect him. What you wrote is between two spouses not between a gf/bf. There is a very big difference . being in love when in a relationship and being in love when you both are married. Nevertheless, thanks.

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      Please have a look at this question, its by me . I had a word with the guy he said the only reasons he doesn't want to meet me is because I don't see him as a friend anymore. and I abuse him a lot.

    • :)

  • Well, you shouldn't be mad. He doesn't owe you or anyone else a relationship. He has the right to be single for the rest of his life. If he wants to be single, he should be single.


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  • Because love is a strong thing...it's not always easy getting over someone you once loved, especially when you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with them.

    And it's not just guys, a lot of girls have a hard time getting over exes, too. It just depends on each individual and the past relationship.

    Regardless, why waste your time on this guy? Sure it might be disappointing that he isn't ready to date you (or doesn't want to), but that's no reason to be bitter and apathetic towards him. Move on and let him be.


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