Is my boyfriend really into me?

My boyfriend and I are now on our 7 mths of relationship. He's a divorcee for 2 years now and we live in diff countries, he travelled around the globe just to meet me and stayed with me for one and 1/2 mths. He went back to his country and during the one month that we were not physically together, we are always on Skype 24 hrs. He organized that we meet again, unfortunately I was not able to get visa to enter his country, so we met up in another country and stayed together for 3 months on a holiday. He and I had been FB friends since our 2nd month, but his FB contained his ex-wife pics and of them together. Since 2 months back, I was tagging him on the pics we have of each other and even invited him to accept my relationship status into "being in a relationship with him", he kept ignoring my tags and invite, although he allowed me to post on his timeline. Days back, we had an argument again about his ex being on his FB as it's bothering me and making me wonder if he really had moved on after the divorce. I know he doesn't really talk to her anymore unless once a month when she ask for money for her rental, which he told me he only agreed to pay for it for a year and July 2013 being the last time. We argued about his FB and he told me I am being extremely jealous and that he really doesn't open his FB, unless he is playing FB games which is rarely. He said he is tired of me doubting him when all this time, he did everything just to be with me. He still did not delete those pics of hers as he said he no longer have the original soft copies of those and that certain photo album was visible only to him, and he just opened it for me before so I would not think he is hiding something from me. But now, instead of taking her pics out, he took me out from his FB friend list. I know it's a petty stuff to let it trouble me like this but he said, I will only be on his FB pics if he is certain to be with me and since I keep doubting him, being jealous, he is not sure anymore, although he and I are trying to make a baby. He rarely tells me he loves me as he claimed he is more of a showy man. He was supposed to get his operation but he chose to delay it, just so he can stay with me for the holidays. Please I need a man's point of view on this matter? Had my boyfriend really gotten over his ex-wife? Does he really love me? Should I just let go of this FB stuff? Does my failed relationships has got something to do with my having a hard time trusting him?


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  • you can do better

  • he might like you but he isn't treating you in a proper way.

    • Whenever he and I had an argument, he would tell me I don't value nor appreciate what he had done and is doing for me. He said, he did a lot of sacrifice just to be with me and still I question him about his FB.

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