Does anyone know why a ex would want tthem to keep in contact with them if its over .

I hate a lot of my exs and yyesterday my ex sends me a text saying the least he could ask for is for me to stay in contact but to me when its over its over he's like your not gonna stay in contact with me no I'm not I just want him ti leavve me alone I really do hate. Him I can't love him anymore or care to wanna be his friend he walked out on me and said all this stuff he's afraid he's gonna hurt me he has multiply personality disorder I tried to help him and he wanted a break I waited like he wanted while he didn't communicate so now I'm not ever gonna communicate with him cause when I was depressed and going threw stuff he just walked away and never cared about my feelings I tried really hard in relationships and now I'm giving up and feeling just like those others girls I hate guys I'm trying my best not to but if you knew what guys did to me and that I hear from other girls its sad and the way I see it if love someone you won't walk out on them you would try fixing things I feel he's always putting his exs in his past and they all had issues and stuff going wrong with them why would you not be there for your girlfriend or not want a girl to be there for you that's stupid and really not a relationship if one person takes in everything while the other gets there way its bullcrap but I realize guys aren't bad but I'm never dating or ever getting married cause a lot of stuff is not fair at how much guys get on girls about stuff who care or wants to be there I just wanna tell him that I never wanna talk to him or be in his life ... especially when he was there when I lost a family member and my parents wanted a divorce during Christmas and my friend treated me like crap=/ I thought he was the one but when you try so hard and get heartbroken its not even worth staying in contact I don't know why he wants to stay in contact in the first place that's what don't get


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  • he might just want a good relationship with you because he still care about you.

  • Some just have trouble letting go.


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