What should I do about this girl I call my "best friend"?

Here's the thing, I've known her along the lines of eight or nine years. We both went to hs together, and then different colleges.

She now lives 15 away from me, however haven't seen her the entire year! I've spoken to her on the phone and we constantly text and stuff back and forth usually. But she would randomly disappear and say she is busy sometimes. Anyways she was okay with me using her as a reference and even said she would forward my resume to her manager of the place she works for in the summer. Come fall I think she is leaving for grad school anyway but she refuses for some reason to see me in person.

I think she has bailed on me over 10 times! And usually does not have a legit excuse. She took some time off work this week for a few functions she has and said we would hang out now. Anyway last night she tells me she's game for lunch. I even told her I'd pick her up. I call her and she is in bed, claims to have slept over 10 hours but still doesn't want to get of out bed. And wants to reschedule again, for tmrw. I told her she will cancel on me tomorrow to so just forget it and then she goes how about another day and I'm just like, "yeah whatever" and then awkward pause later she tells me she'll call me another time.

1) Do I not submit my resume to her now to forward to her work people?

2) Should I still message her or talk to her?

I'm unsure of what to do, I even had a talk with her before about how she needs to stop cancelling and its not cool. She said she's sorry...but again she still cancels.


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  • Don't send it to her,why not submit yourself because who's to say she won't "forget" to submit for u

    I'd say ask her what's up because you've noticed she's been flakey

    • She said that I don't have a job and I don't know what its like to work a job that I hate and she's tired. But even before she took that job she was flakey so I unno.

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  • 1. Yes, do not submit

    2. You shouldn't talk to her.


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  • try to fin out what really happened and just keep a distance.

  • dont jump to conclusions, maybe she has some issues that you don't know of

  • Maybe sometimes she is really tired I don't think she don't want to see you but you have to give her some space. don't text her and wait until she say sth. it works every time.trust me.

    • So I shouldn't submit my resume to her now right? Even though she said before her workplace is hiring now :S

    • hmm this is what you decide. idk..just don't text her and she will text you faster than you think.xoxo

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