I would like to live in America preferably california chicago or boston. how?

I'm 27 and have a 7 year old daughter. I hold a diploma in disability studies. Sign language. Childcare care and a lot of work experience. But I can only imagine how hard it would be for me to move and uplift my daughter also. Any advice on how to look into it. And what age would be best to move with a child.


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  • I would talk to my daughter about it now. Ask her how she feels about moving. After a week I would talk to her again & tell her I'm thinking we should move to the US. Make her part of the decision saying how about Chicago, Boston or California. If she can use the internet have her do some research or do it together.

    The older they get the more friends they have & are more attached to their surroundings.

    Chicago is a great big beautiful city. I will tell you the winters are long and cold. Some years there's a ton of snow others not so much. The summers are hot, humid & sticky.

    California is (or should be) 2 states Northern & Southern. Have you narrowed down a city?

    My choice would be San Diego. Perfect weather all year. Jobs on the other hand are not too plentiful. You have a very specialized field. I can't imagine too much competition for those jobs.

    I don't know if there is a lot of need for that & which city would offer the greatest opportunity.


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  • California is not the greatest choice. They've been staring bankruptcy in the face for the longest while now. In terms of the best age, the younger the better I think. Make sure you have good reasons for moving though.

  • I can't speak for Chicago or Boston, but this is not the best time to teach in California. Because of a major budget crunch following decades of school budget cuts, there are very large numbers of unemployed teachers. Your teaching background is definitely better than most at least. You would need a year of further education to qualify to teach in public school (private school salaries are very low). On top of all this, California is the most expensive place to live in the US. However, there are many benefits to this place. In two or three years, the economic climate should be much better.

  • California sucks, Chicago is poor and unsafe. Boston would be the best place to move. I say move now, so when she comes to America she can make new friends and assimilate easier into society.

  • Trust me, you don't want to move here! The US is the root of all corruption in the world. All the wars in the world is mostly created by US bankers. You can come here and if you have any financial disaster it will course you into a spiral to not only loose everything you have, but they will force a debt on you that makes it impossible from you to have any success. Everybody here is pretty much in poverty. The rich people continuously steal from the poor. I see it everyday!

  • Where do you currently live?


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