I have a serious problem with a girl I know

So, I was in a relationship for a LONG time, but... there are some complications with her family so I couldn't necessarily 'date' her, but we were together anyways. She's really high maintenance and dramatic, and pretty soon, my stress level was just too dang high to handle her anymore, so I told her to give me my space for a while (with the intentions that I'd come back when things were easier for us to be together) and because she'd broken into my house and took my personal stuff. She cried and made a big deal out of it, but I didn't care. 4 months went by and we hadn't talked, but lately we started again.

She confessed that during the time she was giving me my space, she let this dude (who WAS my friend) and who she used to have infatuated feelings for (before she met me), put his hands down her pants.. She said she stopped him the first time, but when he tried it again, she didn't stop him and she didn't know why.

"it's because it was xxxx, that's why you didn't stop him" I said to her, then told her to leave me alone because she hurt me and I wasn't happy with her.. later when she confessed what she'd done to her parents, her parents were angry with her and she'd lost their trust, she'd lost the trust of her best friend (who used to date the scumbag who put his hand down her pants), and she'd lost the trust of me.. all of these people the most important people in her life. I didn't like seeing her this way, so I listened to her, and I cheered her up. she told me that at one point during the time she was giving me my space, she'd thought about suicide.. I told her how ridiculous she was being and that she was making me depressed, so she shut up.

i don't know what I'm necessarily asking for, but I just need some flipping advice on how to handle her and what I should do. keep in mind that she was my first love and the first person I shared sexual experiences with.


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  • I'd stay awy from her if I were you. I mean how was she really upset over losing you and let that guy do that ?! she's clearly emotionally unstable and maybe you could talk to her and try to find out who is on her mind or you should just keep your distance and try to forget about her, I know it's really hard but you don't have many options, I'm sorry to say

  • she seems like trouble, find somebody else


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