Is he interested? What do you think?

I'm in summer class with this guy whom I've recently gotten closer with. It's driving me crazy though, because I've been getting mixed signals left and right.

It all started last Saturday when we were taking a break from our practice exams and consequently went to the convenience store together. By the time we chose our drinks and went to the counter, he insisted on buying my drink for me. Then as we parted (him to the restroom, me back to class), he touched my elbow and smiled: "Okay, I'll see you later."

I was drunk with childish happiness after that, until the next thing I knew, he was tickling my friend to get the answers to the test. It was definitely subtle flirting in my eyes; and I'll explain the whole situation with my friend in a bit.

So Monday comes around, and I'm trying to enter a classroom when he playfully blocks the way in front of me and I'm nudging his back. Then later I come back from lunch... only to find that he hasn't eaten yet. He told me how hungry he was and called up his friend to ask if they could grab a meal. His friend said that he wasn't free, and I felt bad so I suggested that we go find something to eat together. He took me up on my offer, and we walked over to a place nearby. We talked and he was constantly smiling, and every five minutes he'd ask for a high-5 in which he would squeeze my hand and let go. He did the same thing once our study session finished and he was leaving class, but shortly after he passed by my friend (the same one he tickled) and offered her his hand as well.

The day after, I was walking into class and he was walking out. As we passed by each other he reached out and squeezed my elbow. He even came and sat next to me for help with the homework and then went back to his seat.

And it just goes on like this--him squeezing my hand, me squeezing back. Him smiling at me when there's really no reason to.

So that's pretty much my situation with him. But here's why I'm confused and going absolutely insane:

1. My friend. They have a complex relationship. He's always SO mean to her, and she's just as mean back. Whenever there's a test he forces her to sit next to him so that he can have the answers. He's always giving her attention in class though--despite the fact he's insulting her with really immature comments ("She can be a sumo wrestler!"). My friend thinks she's majorly friend zoned and expresses hatred for him. However... I can't help but think that he doesn't actually hate her? What do you think?

2. I was talking to my other friend about his behavior and she said that he would poke her back when they're alone, so the squeezing might not mean anything at all. Another friend told me if a guy always tries to touch a girl and is extra kind to her, it means he's interested. But I might just be making a big deal about all his subtle movements to touch me and be nice to me... he might squeeze EVERYONE's hands to say the least. So I'm stuck.

What do you all think?


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  • somewhat.


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  • He sounds interested.


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  • It SOUNDS like he likes you...


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