Wondering if she's taking a step towards love?

I really, really, really like my crush/girlfriend. Even though we live in two separate countries (France and the UK), it seems that our bond is growing and growing daily - it's been very strong already for 3 years now.

I visited her for a week and I've only just come back 2 days ago. During my stay we went to the cinema together, we've drunk coffees, I've met a lot of her friends and we have slept together (no sex involved).

One of her closest friends told me once, when my crush had left for the toilet, "She talks a lot about you, you know?"

Now she sent me a message yesterday on Facebook asking how I was going, etc ... I was extremely busy yesterday and I've only answered today. I told her that I've been busy and I'm tired from the travelling.

She answers with "[...] I think about you very often."

Now she knows that I have very strong feelings for her. I told her I was in love with her at a party.

So I don't know if she might be rethinking this and is starting to fall for me. I don't want to end up asking her again, because I know that it'll ruin everything.


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  • well she really likes you in my opinion. but she might be afraid if doing it directly and then get hurt


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  • Here's my take on your situation.

    She's gently telling you indirectly that, she likes you a lot and doing things like keeping in touch regularly.

    I think she's waiting for you to reciprocate to return more of these 'feelings'.

    • I don't know what else to show, since I've told her the extent of my feelings - again she knows about them because I told her in person.

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    • My question was ... do you think she is falling in love with me.

      I know she "likes me a lot" ... there's no question about that.

    • Yes then why else did she put time and effort into trying to know/care about you

  • i think she is

  • i think you guys are

    • Really?! ... Although to hear this really please me I still have some doubts. I think it's mainly due to the fact that we leave so far apart, so we can't see each other and spend quality time together.

      Can't you elaborate your answer please. Thanks. Why do you think we are?

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    • we have reached and impasse

    • What cul-de-sac do you talk about?

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