Do me being talking with other guys in other social sites is cheating on my bf

My boyfriend don't like that I talk with guys in Internet so to not being bothered I was surfing on the net I saw this site accidentally and I loved it I started talking to guys and flirting like just on the Internet behind is back ! And for him I think he is more sensir with me he don't do those thing I don't know if am being clear so help !

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and am not beeing flirtty just my boyfriend is a big jalous guy ! he hat's the fact that I talk to other guys am not beeing flirty with any guy but him because I love him so much but this site got me I like it can not stop using it !
thnax guys an gonna desactivat my accont thanks you helped me ! and by the way I love my Boyfriend !


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  • it's the internet not real life and flirting is harmless anyway we all do it. I'm sure he must do it anyway

    • yes maby your right ! true point of view

    • i doubt he does mate he's a guy, one girl is enough attention span usage for most

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What Guys Said 7

  • It depends. if you're just being friendly and not flirting or doing anything that'd upset him? No. If you're doing something that would upset him and flirt and such? Yes, that would be cheating and you should stop that immediately if you truly love your boyfriend. Otherwise might wanna think if you're really ready for a real committed relationship.

    • i mean he will be upset just of the fact that seeing me talking normally to guys !

    • If you're just talking normally with guys like anyone else and friendly and not flirting, then it's no big deal and your boyfriend is being paranoid/silly.

  • The key words are "Behind his back". He also stated he disliked the behavior before the occurrence. This constitutes cheating.

    • thanx and you know what that site that I was talking about is " girls ask guys " I mean this one !

    • Well if this is the source of your bad behavior then abandon this website. It's not worth losing your man over.

  • u know what's right from wrong. would you like it if he did that to u? talking to other girls and flirting with them? your answer would be hell no..

  • That depends on what you talk to them about and how you do the talking. Usually there are three sides to a story. Your version, his version, and the truth.

    No woman admits to being flirty and all the guys that are talking to you are "just being nice". Yeah, I've seen a thousand times before.

    • yeah I gess I talk just to talk the truth is that I talk tothem as freinds just that and I don't even know them we live in deffrent continent we only text to each other sometimes on this site to know how each other is doing that's all ! no more and if I did not love my boyfriend I woulden't ask if am wrong or not if am I just should fix it to be loyal more so what do you think ?

  • "I saw this site accidentally and I loved it I started talking to guys and flirting like just on the Internet behind is back ! "

    "and am not beeing flirtty just my boyfriend is a big jalous guy !"

    Which is true. I accept things can get lost in translation. Both statements aren't true.

  • Yeah, you clearly "love him so much"...

    • what do you mean ?! >: (

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    • You're not looking for advice, you're looking for acceptance.

    • no am not !

  • You are only talking to them

    • sey I know but he don't like me talking to other guys !

What Girls Said 5

  • D talking online to other guys is harmless

  • Yes,emotional cheating.

    • I would dump you if I'm your boyfriend and catch you flirting with other guys.So sorry for being honest.

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    • The problem is not GAG.Emotional cheating occurs everywhere.It just depends on how you use GAG.

      It is just like fire.If you put it to good use,it cooks sumptuous meals for you but if you don't control it properly,the whole house would catch fire.I wish you and your boyfriend all the best:)

    • thanx for the advice I will use it !

  • if you wouldn't like him doinf the same thing then it is

  • A imo.

  • it depends on what you talk about. if you just talk to talk it is ok


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