Breaking up and fighting for it

My boyfriend and I broke up with each others last wk but it was mostly him when he said.i have a few things I wanna do alone. We fight a lot recently and its Because I been really stressed. But I know he was just tired of my sh*t this month. I wnna keep fighting for us though. . Would you want a girl to fight for a relationship? How do you feel about that? I love him so much


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  • Fighting for your love is meaningless if you aren't going to address the direct issue.

    You have to let him know and mean that if he does take you back, this time things will be different.

    Instead of directing your stress towards him, try to find ways to cope with it instead.

    -Talking to someone you trust (either him, a bff, a family member).

    -Listening to music

    -Venting on paper (a journal)


    -Going for a walk

    (etc) - There are a lot of things you can do to achieve this.

    You two need to establish a better road of communication, this is one of the main reasons

    why you two have been fighting in the first place.

    Think about your words before you say them.

    If you feel like you aren't getting through to him,

    walk away and come back at a better time when you

    think things may be easier (in order for you to get your point through).

    Fighting, and yelling over each other is only going to make things worse.

    • I don't mean fight. As in yelll to keep it going. We broke up and I still wanna be his

      I textes amd asked if we cam still work this out. Its so hard for because I lost my virginity ro him amd hurts.thst it just ends like this

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    • 4th of July hit me and realized I'm done with thw relationship I loved him so much but if we get back together it wouldn't be the same and he doesn't satisfie all my standards

    • Ty for ba. And I am glad you made a wise decision. Sometimes you are better off being without the person you love, because with them they only cause you hurt. On your own, you will be hurt for a little while but you will get over him and eventually grow stronger. Gl.

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  • Last week? If you have to "fight" for it I'd be surprised. Just tell him to shut up and you're still together and to come off that nonsense. Let him do his thing but that's about it.

  • If he broke up with you because he was tired of your crap then maybe you should stop giving him crap or leave his life.


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  • you need to move on

  • i think you should just keep away from each other

  • well do it but just try and be a better person.


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