Should I end it? Or just let it be?

Dating this guy for about 2/3 months... Only saw ea. other about 6/7 times . Both kinda busy. However I try to flirt and connect when we are not together. He doesn't seem to want to connect with me aside from when we meet up on dates.

We do go out and he does call to update me his schedule. We are not exclusive.

So should I continue doing this or just tell him I want more time , like see him twice a week, or ask for more contact/connection between dates ... or just end it?

For ex. I am away, he text me if I am back after a week. I said no a few more days, but am having a great time doing this and that...then he said okay we will catch up when I get back. I tried to teaste him a bit respond from him.

I m starting to not feel excited about him.



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  • well, I guess it depends upon your expectations and if you are comfortable with the pace you are taking with him. I am seeing a guy that I have been on about the same number of dates with as you but its been about the span of almost a month, about 1-2 dates a week. For me this is about where I want it to be, not too fast or slow. It sounds like you tow maybe only meeting up about avery 2 weeks or so? He may just be taking it sloe. I think at some point and time, I think your dates should gradually be getting more frequent the more you start to like each other and become more comfortable with each other. Maybe he's not looking for anything serious, I don't know. But I wouldn't just blow him off until you have sort of told him how you feel about the situation. He might not have a clue its bothering you so much.


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  • let him know of your expectations. Maybe he is not looking for anything serious? Try to find that out. So you can make your way from there

  • just talk to him about it

  • tell him what you need. if he doesn't change just end it.


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