He took me to another state and now he's ignoring me! may you give me advice?

im up here in another state that is 2 hours from where we live with my boyfriend for the 4th. he woke up not paying attention to me and etc...i am living with him also. I suspect that he's still thinking and talking to his ex girlfriend behind my back because he keeps hiding his phone...she even calls and he answers the phone. we came here with the rest of his male friends. its like I'm completely invisible to him. last night during the ride it was fun with us but now he's acting different. what to do about this? its like everybody knows something that I don't know. we been together 8 months and its like everything was a fake. he even knows the new place where his ex girlfriend moves but won't tell me the truth about her except all lies. I hear he go to visit her and people tell me they been kissing and hugged up.


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  • First find out if stff is true before jumping to assumptions. Perhaps he was very tired in the morning, but it is hard to be on such a Patriotic American holiday like that. If you are feeling very unsettling then your best bet is to just confront him. The part that worries me the most is the fact that he hides his phone...nobody hides a very social item like that unless there is something he doesn't want you to see is on it.

    • huh?no he woke up ignoring me and start talking to his friends and no its not hard

    • he woke up ignoring you just like that ? rude..

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