Making a move & making a move?

Soo I Haven't been part of the game in a while since I been in a long term relationship but I went out with a friend in just met like 8 months ago( just hung out) we went to the movies & Watched MAMA a horror movie & I really hate horror movies. So we watched it and the whole time I covered my eyes. And when I covered my eyes he would always pull them down. And be like..".no no watch"! And when it would be to scary for me he would cover my eyes. that's it. It was so cute for me and I felt some nervousness between both of us Because it was the first time we actually met and hanged out. It was cute. Then we went to eat out etc nothing else happened. He drove me home and we hugged in the car Because he was really late for work but we had some awkward nervous chem during the hug. So yeah lol is the whole..covering my eyes flirty & a sign to like hold my hand, or what? Asking Because I have a date with him again 2 wks from now :) I'm nervous Haven't dated in like 2 1/2 yrs

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Im more of the guy does the first move. Js. But I get either to nervous just hating ro wait. So infeel usually just make the moves sometimes


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  • I would want the guy to make the first more.


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  • In the movie he felt more outgoing that's why he did that. Otherwise he wants to do things like that but he has troubles getting the courage. Any encouragement you can give him. Holding his hand, initiating a hug, initiating a conversation. Will make him more outgoing with these things.

  • Usually its the same answer both ways; the guy wants the girl to make the first move or the girl wants the guy to make the first move. On occasion the girl/guy wants themselves to make the first move. Either way, as long as a move is made it really doesn't matter if the guy did it or the girl did it they both will be happy (or should be) that one did and the relationship can progress even farther.

  • Do what you want, go with your feelings girl.


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  • i always want B

  • i like it whne guys make a move first


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