Should I walk away from this relationship or stay?

my boyfriend brought me on a trip with him and his family to another state that is 5 hours away. I been really questioning myself whether he misses his ex girlfriend or not. he answers her calls and texts but around me he signal her off to let her know that I am around. since I been up here he been with his family and they acting like they don't want me here and he's been completely ignoring me and Haven't really been giving me any attention. the only way home is his family so I have to wait until they leave. he still talk to his ex girlfriend kiss her/hug her and go by and see her. he don't let me do anything that has his ex girlfriend involved he protects her. I'm 18 he's 22 and everybody around me is over 21 of age

im a female...sorry I miselected my gender by clicking to fast in a rush


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  • Definitely walk away from this relationship, do this after you get back home to ensure you get back safely.

    It's not right that he is still talking to his ex. If he is truly over her and wants to be with you then he needs to stop talking to her. But me thinks he still likes her and is trying to get back together with her.

    You need to get out of this situation because it sounds like you are unhappy.


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  • yeah walk away. its not cool how his family is acting and I don't think you could change it.

  • I think you should walk away! There could even be a possibility he might be cheating on you. I suggest you dump him….ASAP!

  • i htink you should walk away


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