is this normal or what?

Is This Normal Or What?

So my boyfriend that now my ex we broke up on Thursday afternoon around 6ish. And this has been are 3rd time getting together so this is the last we only lasted for 2 months more then the other 2 times lol. But anyways maybe reason why We broke up was because I felt that him and I didn't meet each other levels and felt that he could have been cheating. But point is I didn't take it so well and the last other 2 times we broke up either. But just the other day as I was in the car. I started to smell him in the air and around me. Why is this and what Dose it mean? Yes I do (miss him A LOT). But getting him back is not an options just because we will never work. He's 32, and I'm 21 . Thanks! :)


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  • Ok, so I know you are not going to like my answer on this one. First of all, please try and date someone closer to your age. A man that is in his 30's and dates 21 year olds is , well, not good relationship material. Sorry to say. At your age, you should be dating and having fun. You have your whole life ahead of you to worry about men and relationships. They do not change with age that much, let me tell you. So, with that being said. Break the habit! Cry, sleep, mourn, talk to friends, and eventually, you will start to notice other guys. This is when you know you are feeling better. Not too mention, if you date someone closer to your age, you can grow together. Also, think of it this way, you will be in your prime, when he is going over the hill so to speak. You will tire of him, and he will bore you. You are feeding his ego by being 21, that is it. It is hard to lose someone that has been in your life, but you got to grieve it just like a death so you can move on. Hope this helps!

    • No I so agree with you. Most of my ferelings are gone! I mean I seen him today and we hang out and all. But I di didn't think anything of it, I mean he's sweet and all and kind hearted and nice. But like you said it's best to leave people like that alone. And I also said that plus family/mom tell/told me why I'm I dating some one that much older then me. But Yes thank you it did help!

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  • it is normal

  • it is

    • But why is this happen?:/

  • well I think you are over thinking the car thing.

    • Like what do you mean?

    • well why put so much importance to it.

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