Am I delusional in wanting to contact my ex?

So, the deal is I left him only 2 weeks ago after a 6 month relationship.A lot of his behavior can be classified as emotionally abusive. I asked to meet up once after we broke up to talk things over, he got cranky at the meeting and walked out saying to never contact him again. He contacted me two days later telling me he 'felt conflicted' but the conversation ended with him getting angry and hanging up. Frankly, those conversations sum up the last few months of our relationship. That was a week ago and we've been no contact since.

The thing that's bugging me now is I HATE the way things have ended between us.I would love for him to admit that he has a temper and to get help, for us to give things another shot. He admitted to me about a month ago that he was suffering depression and anxiety, although he's doing nothing about it. This, along with his denial that he has any anger problems makes me doubt there would be any chance of him seeking help. He suggested couple counselling a few times earlier on, so I guess he's not all against the idea, saying that though, I think he believed it was all my fault and I was the reason for counselling.

What do I do? I'd love to tell him that there's a chance for us if he would just seek help, but I'm terrified of being shot down again. I also have such massive pride and I feel too strong to give in to accepting the way he treated me. I miss the boy I had when we got together, he wasn't anywhere near as argumentative and was so happy and joking. I want that guy back, not the a**hole I come to have by the end. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Advice? Thanks everyone


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  • I really think you need to move on and stop fighting his battles for him. I don't really think that you asking him to do some counseling helps his confident at all. You are just making it worst by pushing him. I think it is good that you guys broke up, because obviously he needs to get himself together and a girlfriend is the last he needs. Just move on.


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  • it is not a good idea

  • Well I just think its not a good idea at all


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