I suggested we get together, he agreed but didn't say when?

first off, this is a guy I've been seeing about 2 months. this is the first time I've kind of asked him out. I've been on vacation for 2 weeks and just got back in town. while I was out of state he talked to me twice to see how I liked the beach and hardly any other convo. we are friends on Facebook and I feel confident about being one of the only girls he is seeing. he knew when I was getting back and never contacted me. I went a whole week before I thought about texting him. he is going out of state this month so when I texted him I just said hey, when are you going on your trip? he said hey back and told me. I asked how long he said 2 weeks and then I said we should hangout before you leave. OK said things have been crazy but we should be able to. I responded same here but soon. I realize now I have to wait and see. I kind of feel like he is blowing me off which is odd. is this a response of a guy uninterested? or a busy man?
he texted me 2 days ago. which was 3 days after I texted him. we talked all day. he asked what I had been up to and he kind of filled me in on what he's been doing. he was in an accident and work has had him traveling. he ended up saying we could get together that night and I agreed to see him later, since I was at work. he came and got me in his rental and we went to his apartment to watch a movie. I did ask if he had seen anyone since the last time we hung out and he said no. I don't know what's next.


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  • Maybe he is not that interested anymore


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  • i would move on

  • i think he lost interest


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