I need male insight on how my EX boyfriend is reacting after I dropped off his stuff!!!

my ex boyfriend broke up with me 5 months ago, after 6 years together. (we are 26) yes I still love him and want him back! don't try to talk me out of it! We have had little contact since the break up (over text) ... Cowardly of him, I know. Essentially, he and I broke up for reasons that I've come to terms with. No lying, cheating, anything like that... But partly because of my insecurities and he didn't know if we wanted the same things. I had pushed him too far. He warned me... I didn't listen... Now I'm so sorry and have spent the last 4 months changing for myself into the person I want to be for myself. we never saw each other after the BU & he won't meet me or even hear my voice. I've tried for the past 9 weeks to get my things back from him (lots of things) and he always says he's too busy right now, but will get them back to me asap. I called him 2 weeks ago and asked him to meet me for coffee, not about my stuff... nothing serious. No response. So 12 days ago I got a little bold... I drove out to his house (75 miles away) and took the box of his stuff and every memento and memory that he'd given me and pulled up to the house. He wasn't home, he had just left. His dad came running up to me with a hug and kiss, wondering what I was doing there. I got the box out of the truck and he carried it to the garage for me. We chatted and he told me how great I look (I've lost 25 lbs and gone blond and tanned) he told me my ex's moms was in the house and would love to see me. He told me to go on in. I walked down the hall knowing my ex wasn't there, turned the corner and his mom too a step back looking like shed seen a ghost and we both started balling. His little brother rushed around the corner to greet me too. His mom asked me to sit and we started talking about life for over an hour and pretty much cried the whole time. Not about him. she cried that she hates it so much that her son & I are apart. She did tell me he's been very busy and is one step away from his dream job. I'm so proud because I was there for all his schooling and training. She asked if he knew I was coming and I told her no I just wanted to drop his things off. She said oh, I'm sure if he knew he would've packed my things up... They aren't packed up yet was all I could think.

Now to get to the part I need help with..How would you guys react? Coming home to a box full of everything that had anything to do with your past relationship? Mementos, cards, gifts, pictures, letters, everything. I also threw a hand written letter in there... Long letter saying I've changed and I just want the opportunity to show him. That I don't want my stuff because I stopped loving him, but because at some point I have to move on. I also said that I tried to throw this stuff away, but couldn't and if he wanted to throw our life away it was all there in that box. That I was sorry for many things. That I miss him. And that if this was really what he wanted then goodbye and I said a heartfelt goodbye, HELP!
You guys are so negative. I just got a call from him! Do exciting! ... He got his dream job and is sorry he had to do it alone and wanted to prove it to.himself we are going to meet up & work it out :) take that move on crap and go be negative to someone else!


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  • he will be sad


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  • Not to sound like a d***, but he's probably happy to see his stuff again. It's clear that he doesn't want to be with you. You have to deal with that reality and move on.

    • You do kinda sounds like a d***, thank you for the honesty, but until he packs up my things from his room, I'm going to stay positive.

    • Reality bites. That's not my fault. But you come off as shall we say "less than winning" in this whole situation.

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  • he will obviously miss you and feel bad he didn't see you

  • He broke up with you he is glad your gone no contact isn't cowardly of him he is just not leading you on move on

    • Lie to your self some more how convenient he calls you after you ask this question yet he has been broken up with you for 5 months can I say lame alert.

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    • Lol some things are meant to be...meant to be for him and someone else. #delusional

    • lol philpenn I agree nut case woman hahah

  • well he will be mad confused and sad

    • He dumped her and he won't really engage in any contact...what makes you believe that he'd be sad?

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